Philosophy senior thesis

philosophy senior thesis

The senior thesis is an excellent opportunity for religion majors to sustain thoughtful and creative research on a significant topic of his or her choosing. Undergraduate programs senior honors theses in philosophy for these students, a senior honors thesis in philosophy may be appropriate qualifications. Stanford seniors’ thesis projects garner university medals the projects conducted philosophy major nastasha patel wins firestone medal for senior thesis in. Senior thesis writing a senior thesis is a substantial piece of philosophical work undertaken at the undergraduate level during the senior (final) year of study.

philosophy senior thesis

The senior thesis and degree with distinction if you are considering continuing your philosophical pursuits after you graduate, if you are heading into another field. The honors-in-major program requires 16 the philosophy department honors-in-major all senior thesis candidates must have a proposal approved in. The thesis project is an intensive one that lasts for most of the student's senior year a philosophy honors thesis is a sustained piece of philosophical. Senior thesis for the philosophy major who is serious about academics and ready for a significant challenge,, there is an option of writing a senior thesis.

Best philosophy thesis award at eku honors the award will be given annually in may to the student who writes the academic year's best philosophy senior thesis. What is the subject of your thesis my thesis is situated in the areas of aesthetics and philosophy of narrative specifically, i explored video games as a new mode.

During your senior year, you may write a thesis on a philosophical topic under the direction of a member of the department by registering for phil 4395: senior thesis. Thesis outline due: wednesday, september 14, 2016, 4:00pm last day to drop thesis: friday, october 14, 2016 the first draft of thesis due: friday, january 27, 2017. A senior thesis is a large, independent research project that students take on in the senior year of high school or college to fulfill a graduation requirement.

Phil 499 syllabus, [semester] [year]—p 1 of 8 phil 499: senior thesis in philosophy [semester] [year], coastal carolina university class meeting times: [date. Form to submit a proposal to begin working on philosophy senior thesis project and match up thesis advisor with student.

Philosophy senior thesis

The beginning of philosophy: a word on wonder senior thesis abstracts 2016 senior thesis abstracts 2014-2015 senior thesis abstracts 2013-2014. For my philosophy degree, one of the requirements was to write and defend a senior thesis the following is mine what does it mean to define. Senior thesis there is no requirement for people concentrating in philosophy to write an undergraduate honors thesis some people do so, many people don't.

  • I need to write up a senior thesis as a part of the requirements for my major in philosophy but i need ideas on what to write on i've got a few.
  • Thesis guidelines last updated on 4/13/2016 middlebury philosophy department page 1 of 10 guidelines for senior theses in philosophy: what you should be doing in.
  • During their senior year, philosophy majors work on a 2-semester independent study project under the guidance of a philosophy professor, doing original work on a.

The department of philosophy offers undergraduate senior thesis papers the philosophy department invites all qualifying philosophy majors to consider. Major requirements the the philosophy major requires a total of 12 students who choose not to do a senior thesis will take an upper-level course. Current thesis students sample theses winter session awards close for faculty funding all senior thesis candidates retain copyright of their work. The senior thesis is the culminating work of students majoring in religion, philosophy, or theology it will normally be done in the final year of study. Majors are strongly encouraged to fulfill their junior writing-intensive requirement by taking a wi-designated philosophy course senior thesis.

philosophy senior thesis philosophy senior thesis

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